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Eldon & Sons Gutter Guards


Eldon & Sons has the solution for tedious gutter maintenance.  No more climbing a ladder and inching down the side of your home to scrape away a build-up of leaves and sprouting vegetation with a Gutter Guard Solution from Eldon & Sons.


Providing high quality gutter protection we offer a variety of gutter guards to suit your home's specific needs.  Contact Us today for a free estimate and consultation.


Leaf Exterminator

The most affordable long lasting gutter guard system around.  Guaranteed water flow in rains of up to 24 inches (twice the largest amount ever recorded), Clog free design and low profile to maintain the elegance of your natural home's beauty.  Leaf Exterminator is a step ahead of the rest when it comes to the most "bang for your buck".





Leaf Sentry Gutter Guard


With Leaf Sentry's nose-forward design, engineered for a perfect fit in your new gutter system,  you have a permanent solution for life.  Leaf Sentry Gutter Guard profile image and how it works


Advantages of Leaf Sentry:

-Secure attachment for permanent protection, even through the roughest storm

-Uses surface tension to channel rainwater into gutters and debris falls to the ground

-Extends the life of your gutter system

-Variety of colors to accent your gutter system and home

-Lifetime no clog guarantee!

‚ÄčLifetime Guarantee on Leaf Sentry installation honored by Eldon and Sons


Armour Lock Small Hole Gutter GuardArmour Lock Small Hole Gutter Guard, mesh gutter guard, installed by Eldon and Sons


Mesh gutter guards have been around since the beginning of the gutter guard business and provide a distinct advantage over all systems, cost.  Although some maintenance is still required with a mesh gutter guard system, the task is much more simple and you won't need to "uproot" your sprouting maple trees.  Eldon & Sons offers a secure installation of mesh gutter guards to ease the daunting task of gutter cleaning.