Flash! You see a powerful lightning flash streak across the dark sky and you immediately start counting until the following boom! Dang, that one is close- you barely counted to 2 when calculating how many miles away the strike was.  The dog is howling and the kids have jumped in bed with you. The rain and winds are beating against the house while you are safely protected inside from the elements.  It’s your job to protect your family and they are safer than they realize because you have installed a lightning protection system for your home.  Your home is protected from the structural damage that can happen in a thunderstorm as well as protected from power surges that can affect the interior of your home or business.

Home Lightning Protection System

If you are wondering about the need for a home lightning protection system, consider this:

A home lightning protection system will redirect the voltage from lightning strikes away from the structure of your home to the ground thereby protecting your house from fires. Without intercepting the power of lightning strikes, the voltage will take the easiest path through your home’s electrical or plumbing systems. The metal in electrical and plumbing systems can become hot enough to cause wood and other materials surrounding them to catch fire.

Your home will also be protected from power surges that can damage the electronics inside your home. Computers, smartphones, electrical appliances (like microwaves, ovens ,electric dryers), wiring in the home, the circuit breakers and so much more will be protected with a home lightning protection system. Replacing household electronics will be an “ouch” to your bank account but the cost to rewire a house will cost thousands of dollars.

Lightning Protection for Buildings

It is essential for your business or commercial building to be equipped with lightning protection. Commercial lightning protection systems will redirect the powerful electrical amps away from the structure of your building to the ground through the use of conductor cables, lightning rods and grounding rods. Lightning protection prevents damage to electrical systems that hold your valuable data. Commercial lightning protection also protects appliances, air conditioning units, water coolers and refrigerators. Keep your employees and customers safe under a building with lightning protection. Fires started by an electrical storm will cause hazardous conditions. Fire damage to the electrical system will cause a power shut down. Harmful gas emissions can be released into the air from an electrical fire. Debris from a damaged roof can fall on anyone below. As a business owner, you need the assurance that only comes from intentionally providing lightning protection for your property, equipment, employees and customers; keep them safe from the destructive effects of a lightning strike to your building.

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