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If you have a problem with water anywhere around your house, your gutters could be the problem. Gutters that are old or made of steel will eventually rust, chip, peel, sag, leak, and rot. Not to mention all the painting and repainting you will have to do to try to keep it looking nice.

Eldon & Sons's seamless aluminum gutter installation service for Lee Summit, MO and nearby areas has proven to be the most effective against all of these characteristics. Our guttering is guaranteed for 20 years against chipping, peeling, or rusting. It comes with a baked on enamel finish that keeps each of our 21 different colors looking fresh and beautiful for years.

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Gutter Replacement Service in Overland Park, KS

Eco Guard

When you're looking for the gutter guards Kansas City, MO homes love, the most affordable, long-lasting gutter guard system around is Eco Guard. Guaranteed water flow in rains of up to 24 inches (twice the largest amount ever recorded). They also offer a clog-free design and low profile to maintain the elegance of your home's beauty. Leaf Exterminator is a step ahead of the rest when it comes to the most "bang for your buck".

Eco Shield

With Leaf Sentry's nose-forward design, engineered for a perfect fit in your new gutter system, you have a permanent solution for life. -Secure attachment for permanent protection, even through the roughest storm -Uses surface tension to channel rainwater into gutters and debris falls to the ground -Extends the life of your gutter system, reducing the need for gutter repair -Variety of colors to accent your gutter system and home -Lifetime no clog guarantee!

Eco Screen

Mesh gutter guards have been around since the beginning of the gutter guard business and provide a distinct advantage over all systems: the cost. Although some maintenance is still required with a mesh gutter guard system, the task is much more simple and you won't need to "uproot" your sprouting maple trees. Eldon & Sons offers a secure gutter installation service in Kansas City, MO of mesh gutter guards to ease the daunting task of gutter cleaning.

Eco Lock

If you're considering added protection for your gutter replacement in Overland Park, KS, install Eco Lock gutter guards. The fine mesh of Eco Lock protects against snow and ice, and also blocks medium to large foliage.

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Our selection of siding provides industry leading technologies that keep your home insulated while providing an additional layer of protection with fire retardant, insect repelling, mold and mildew resistant materials.

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Sunlight & Thermal Efficiency


Quality windows are an outstanding investment and can help pay for themselves through lower energy costs, freedom from maintenance and increased property value for your home VinylMax vinyl windows installed in a home. All our windows are covered by our LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY so you can rest assured you have made a sound investment.

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Thermal Efficiency


Sufficient insulation is a must for a comfortable home. The results are a cooler house in the summer, warmer home in the winter, and lower energy bills. Insulation serves as a thermally resistant barrier which inhibits the migration of thermal energy into and out of the house. In simple terms: insulation blocks heat from entering the house in the summer and holds heat in during the winter. In the Midwest, sufficient attic insulation is considered R-49 or higher.

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Damage Prevention

Lightning Protection Systems in Kansas City, MO

Are you looking for the Lightning Protection system Kansas City, MO can't stop buying? When these systems are properly installed, they accomplished two objectives: lightning protection systems shield a home and provide a direct path to the ground for electrical current to flow. It prevents damage to the home as the current flows through the system.

At Eldon & Sons, we have been installing the lightning protection systems Kansas City, MO trusts since 1970. We are, in fact, certified by the Lightning Protection Institute which guarantees that specific national codes, such as those set forth by the National Fire Protection Association Code 780, and Underwriter's Laboratories UL96A have been met, and quality testing has determined the system to by safe. So you can rest assured that your lightning protection system in Overland Park, KS will provide you with the best protection possible.

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