Gutter Installation

Eldon & Sons has over 50 years’ experience as a gutter installation company. Our customers love that we are locally owned and that we provide top-notch gutter installation services to our Lee’s Summit neighbors, including low-maintenance seamless gutters.

Why Your Home Needs Gutters

Gutters protect your home or business from water damage, and also add to its appearance. There are several types of gutters available, but most people choose to install seamless gutters because seamless gutters offer many benefits, including:

Seams give leaves and debris something to cling to. With seamless gutters, water flows more smoothly through gutters, resulting in fewer clogs and backups.s.

Seamless gutters are typically stronger than sectional gutters. The commercial gutter machine uses thicker material that is better at resisting the elements

Seamless gutters require less maintenance because they accumulate less debris and use less caulk.

Seamless gutters have fewer leaks which helps protect your property from expensive water damage.

Finally, seamless gutters look better and last longer. They are custom cut to fit your property perfectly and the baked-on enamel finish comes in 21 different color options.

Low-Maintenance 5- and 6-inch Seamless Gutters Installed by the Experts in Kansas City

Once you’ve tried seamless gutters, you won’t want anything else! Gutter cleaning is a time-consuming and messy job, which can also be dangerous since you’re up on a ladder. 5- and 6-inch seamless gutters require less maintenance because they provide an uninterrupted path for water and debris to flow off your roof, dramatically reducing the chance of a clog or blockage. At Eldon & Sons, we are proud to offer the best gutter installation Kansas City has to offer. We use top quality products installed by expert gutter installation contractors. Plus, our guttering is guaranteed for 20 years against chipping, peeling, or rusting.

How Gutters are Installed by the Professionals

Installing gutters is a faster process than you might think. Professional gutter installation companies like Eldon & Sons use a special cutting machine to assemble your gutters on-site. They are made to fit the exact measurements of your home or business and then the custom-sized sections are secured in place.

The Gutter Installation Experts in Lee’s Summit

If you’re looking for a gutter company, Eldon & Sons is the right choice. We are located in Lee’s Summit and have been providing residents and businesses in the Kansas City area with seamless gutter replacement and installation since 1970. We pride ourselves on offering quality work with affordable pricing. Contact us today for a free estimate. Book Service

Our Clients Love Us

“Lance's crew came out to Kearney, MO and did a bang-up job on our house, shop and barn. Installing gutters, gutter down spouts and gutter guards. Would highly recommend their quality work to any other homeowner.”
“I was very pleased with every step of working with Eldon & Sons. The quoting process was very thorough without typical sales pressure. The installers were very polite and professional and went above and beyond to make sure my new gutters were high quality. I'm actually excited for the next rainstorm to watch their work in action instead of dreading the next storm!”
“Quick, efficient and great customer service. But most importantly they always do great work at an affordable price. I would definitely highly recommend this company to my friends and family.”

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