The Most Common Signs of Home Storm Damage

When a powerful storm hits, you initially hunker down while the exterior of your home takes a beating.

Your home has protected you and your family through the storm and hopefully has not sustained storm damage to the siding or exterior parts of your home. Just to be sure, it’s important to inspect the exterior for the common signs of home storm damage. If hail came with the storm, you’ll need to check for signs of hail damage on the roof, hail damage to siding, or storm damage to the gutters. You also need to look for signs of wind damage to the roof as well as siding damage from the wind. Your home insurance storm damage claims will be favorable when you take a proactive approach to care for your home.

Signs of Roof Damage

Begin the storm damage inspection of your house from the top down.

Common Signs of storm damage on the roof include:

  • Broken, cracked or missing shingles
  • Finding pieces of the roof in your gutters
  • Drips or leaks coming through the ceiling from the roof
  • Gutters, vents or flashing on the roof are dented or bent. 

Hail damage or signs of wind damage to the roof will eventually cause more damage to the lower parts of your home if not found and addressed soon.



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